A Gathering Place for Gamers

Esports Lounge

eSports lounge are modern-day arcades where gamers gather to play video games. These rooms also serve as social spaces where players can meet up and bond over their shared passion for gaming.

Students are able to reserve PCs for up to 3 hours using the eSports website. Reserved PCs display a unique code which must be entered at the lounge to use the PC.

Game Consoles

Esports, or competitive video games, have become increasingly popular and profitable. They are played on high-end gaming computers or consoles and can be a lot of fun. Many esports lounges feature tournaments and hourly play for a small fee. Some even have couches, drinks and snacks for players to enjoy.

Students at Touro University Nevada now have a place to unwind and relax in the new on-campus eSports gaming lounge. It features Xboxes, PlayStation 5s and PCs, along with massage chairs.

The facility is free for WSU students to use during the fall and spring semesters, and it’s open during the summer. Students can reserve a slot on the eSports website using their Cornell NetID. Reservations may be shortened or moved to different PCs as needed for intercollegiate matches. Guest access is limited and must be approved by a staff member. The lounge also features an in-house Pro Shop selling gaming gear, snacks and drinks.

Game Rooms

The esports lounge features gaming rooms equipped with Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch video game consoles and gaming PCs. Each room has comfortable gaming chairs and couches, large screen monitors, and a variety of games to choose from.

The rooms are reservable for esports teams to practice or compete and can also be used by students who just want to play on their own. All players must show a valid UNG ID card to use the gaming equipment.

PCs in the lounge can be reserved through Cornell University’s ggCircuit website. Reservations must be made at least 5 minutes in advance and will be held for up to 3 hours. If a student does not log in at the start of their reserved time, the PC will be released for other students to use. Gaming lounge staff may shorten reservations or move reservations to different PCs as needed for intercollegiate matches and other esports events.

Event Space

Esports is a growing global phenomenon, with millions of fans across the world. Our premier Esports Game Lounges and Arena can host tournaments, tryouts, practices, and more – provided the request is submitted in advance for approval.

The eSports lounge is designed to invite students, campus constituents, and community visitors to experience video gaming on high-end gaming machines in a fun, comfortable, and competitive environment. The lounge is equipped with large screen monitors, video game consoles, gaming chairs and couches, and ambient lighting that enhances the experience.

Located in ADUC 252, the new eSports Lounge features ten gaming stations with Alienware Aurora R13 base systems and 27″ IPS monitors, as well as two areas with wall-mounted 65″ Samsung UHD TVs with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles for club eSports teams. The eSports lounge also includes a streaming room outfitted with an Elgato HD60 Pro gaming capture deck and custom game lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Esports lounge is a modern gaming cafe that provides high-speed Internet, professional-grade PC gaming computers and headsets. They also have a social aspect where people can play against each other or watch others play. These venues can host esports tournaments, parties, and hourly gameplay. The concept has become so popular that retail giant Walmart is planning to open a bespoke esports facility in several of its stores.

While many students use the eSports Lounge to compete with their friends, some use it to explore potential careers in gaming and broadcasting. The two-week program includes hands-on activities in a game production studio and allows participants to hear from professionals in the field. In addition, it focuses on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. In a safe, moderated environment, participants can be who they are and excel at their skills. They can also learn the social and strategic skills needed to thrive in the eSports industry.

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