Explore Esports Degrees: Pursue Your Passion in the Expanding World of Competitive Gaming.

Follow Your Passion With an Esports Degree

An esports degree allows you to follow your passion in the world of competitive gaming. The program prepares you to make a difference in an industry that continues to expand.

Develop a critical insight into issues facing the multi-million pound global industry, including corporate social responsibility, regulation and emerging technologies.


Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast who wants to help manage the world’s biggest tournaments or want to be in the heart of the action as a broadcaster or analyst, there are many opportunities within the growing esports industry. You could also find yourself in marketing, finances, event planning or coaching — the possibilities are endless.

The esports industry has grown rapidly and continues to experience exponential growth, thanks in part to expanding live streaming platforms and improved events infrastructure. As a result, qualified professionals who can oversee projects and support senior leadership are in high demand.

A BS in esports management provides the knowledge and skills you need to excel in this dynamic industry, with courses covering topics such as video game culture, competitive gaming and its impact, business strategies for gaming, sports law and more. UND’s esports degree program is the first of its kind in North Dakota, and you can tailor your curriculum to match your career goals.

Education Requirements

For those looking to pursue a career in the rapidly growing world of esports, it’s important to have the right educational background. While a bachelor’s degree is often enough for many positions, those who wish to work in competitive gaming or as professional gamer or broadcaster will need a higher degree.

The online Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Sports and eSports offered at Post University allows students to develop the competencies and skills required for employment in exciting sports businesses. This degree program covers the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, management and marketing in the context of eSports. Students will learn about eSports communities, organizations, terminology and gaming as well as develop marketing, research and management skills that can be applied in the field of eSports.

Another option is the Bachelor of Arts in Sports and eSports at Syracuse University, which launched one of the first programs of its kind this fall. Its curriculum is built around collaboration with rotating industry partners and features courses such as Social Media and eSports and Managing Sports Organizations.


Esports degrees equip students with the skills necessary to break into the gaming industry. These courses include a broad overview of the industry and the skills needed to work in areas such as marketing, event management and player and coach development.

ESports degree programs may also include coursework in business administration, including the logistics of overseeing esports tournaments. The program may also teach students about the history of gaming, its many cultural facets and communities, the impact of social media on the gaming world, and how to create content that encourages fan engagement.

In addition to course work, students pursuing an esports degree may gain practical experience through partnerships with a gaming company or by working on real-world projects in association with the school’s varsity esports teams. Syracuse University, for example, recently announced a first-of-its-kind esports major through its Falk College and Newhouse School of Public Communications. The Esports Communications and Management degree is expected to begin in 2024.


Esports is a multibillion dollar industry that encompasses professional gaming, events, organizations, marketing and media. It’s an industry that aims to entertain, inspire and engage.

If you’re a big-picture person who excels at organization, then this degree is for you. You can work as a general manager, graphic designer or marketer on the business side helping put together some of the biggest tournaments in the world or you can focus on broadcasting and analysis.

Study on your terms and build the skills you need to start a career in the fast-growing esports industry. You’ll learn the technical theory behind production and broadcast technology for esports, as well as getting hands-on experience with the best equipment on offer. Our commitment to small class sizes means you’ll get to know your tutors and have a great support network. You’ll also gain invaluable real-world industry experience by taking part in competitive college gaming events. This will help you develop a portfolio of work and boost your employability.

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