Esports: The Rise of ELEMENT ONE and Arial Arise

What is Esports?

esports are organised competitions featuring video games played for money. These competitions are typically broadcast live and online and are supported by a significant upfront investment in video game content.

ELEMENT ONE, the new regional Tier 2 Rainbow Six Siege circuit for North America, kicked off June 16 with two sets of open qualifiers to determine which teams will join eight invited ones in the Alpha Stage. The tournament will feature a 16-team Swiss System format feeding into an eight-team single elimination bracket.


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ELEMENT ONE is the brand new official online Tier 2 Rainbow Six Siege tournament for North America, presented by Ubisoft and produced by Nerd Street. The tournament starts this Friday (June 16) with the first of two open qualifiers, with the top 12 teams from each qualifying into an eight-team closed qualifier. Each qualifier will follow a Buchholz Swiss bracket, with teams needing to win three matchups in order to advance to the next phase. All of the games will be best-of-one, except for promotion and elimination matches.

Arial Arise

The Irish esports organization Arial Arise is back in action after winning the 2021 season of the North America Challenger League. The organization has a new roster, led by former Team ROCCAT junglers Steve and MrRalleZ. Arial Arise also added a former Unicorns of Love midlaner and Gamers2 support player, promisQ, to its ranks. Nyph stayed on as the team’s head coach.

Nerd Street

In partnership with Nerd Street, Ubisoft is proud to announce a brand-new tier-two regional competition for North America called ELEMENT ONE, with a $25,000 prize pool. This will be a summer off-season tournament and will not award points toward the BLAST R6 global circuit. It will be open to all North American teams, except those playing in the BLAST R6 NA Challenger League.

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